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A thoughtfully designed bakery, serving naturally leavened breads and pastries. We source ingredients with careful consideration and integrity. We offer a rotating menu of highly curated, sourdough breads and bakes featuring organic, fresh and stone milled wheat flours and grains. 

The kitchen is our happy place


I've been baking since I was old enough

to sit on the counter and stir cookies

with my grandmother's wooden spoon.

I create bakes using ingredients

chosen with intention & integrity.

I believe good food brings us together,

& a picture is worth a thousand words

With Wheat & Wild, I'm dedicated to

being a part of my local community

of sourdough bakers and farmers markets.

Thanks for joining me on this wild journey! 

Bliss About Photo 2.jpg

You have the look of a scholar - and the taste of a macaron!

Catherine O'Hara



We'll be in touch soon!

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