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A recent article in the New York Times stated "we will never reach peak croissant" and I hope that is true! There's very little I find more enjoyable than a well laminated pastry - and the wackier the shape, the better. I've always played with my food, and experimenting with different sizes, shapes, and flours to make "croissants" is about the most fun one can have!

First inspired by the viral, round "supreme" croissant by Scott Cioe of Lafayette 380 - I started looking for interesting pans and tart rings in 2022 - when I happened across some four inch, cubed and lidded pullman pans, I knew exactly what I was going to do with them.

After some back and forth about the logistics, Erick and I started testing the croissant dough by weight and shaping until we were satisfied we could duplicate it consistently. Then came the fun part - designing the fillings and toppings! Pastry creams, diplomat creams, chantilly cream, jams, curds, caramels, and fruits, ganaches, glazes, buttercreams, and meringues, chopped nuts, flowers, petals, salt, chocolates, and crisps - a lot of thought goes into designing a croissant that has so many possibilities! One limited release of our Sakura Cube later (Cherry Tulsi Jam and Sakura Sencha Pastry Cream Filled with a Sakura Vanilla Glaze and Sweet Alyssum Topping) and now it's a weekly offering that our OG White Rock Farmers Market customers and friends love (and debate over the best way to enjoy) with a rotating lineup of flavors.

It didn't take long to move on to a specialty savory croissant! Our Seeded Sourdō Rye Croissant Wheel was up next. Barton Springs Mill Danko Rye makes the croissant dough extra tender, and the sourdough adds our signature tanginess. The classic, unfilled version is a really cool sandwich when sliced horizontally, toasted, and stuffed with your favorite sandwich fixings - the savory fillings have run from a Spicy Tomato Onion Jam with Whipped, Herbed Mascarpone, Caramalized Onion and Thyme Creme Fraiche, and Garlicky Ricotta Mascarpone with Backyard Basil Pecan Pesto. Enjoyable either way!

Our next shape, style and flavor? Stay tuned - we're always getting up to something good in the kitchen. To get your hands on a cube or wheel - go HERE to pre-order and pickup on Saturdays at Good Local White Rock Farmers Market.

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