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February Menu - Raspberry, Chocolate & Bay Laurel

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

True or not, I think of February as the darkest, coldest month of the year. It's never one of my favorites - caught between the dual promises of the New Year and Spring - but it is deserving of some decadent bakes! This menu’s star ingredients, Raspberry, Bay Laurel and Chocolate, are not only in honor of National Chocolate Month, but because Raspberries add a welcome pop of color, and Bay Laurel brightens everything it touches! (IMO - Chocolate and Bay Laurel are incredible when they get together.) I use Bay Leaves in everything from soups to sauces to sweets (Bay Laurel Salted Caramel anyone?) and find a baked potato slathered in Bay Leaf Browned Butter and sprinkled with flaky sea salt to be super comforting!

The Bakes

We’ll celebrate Galentine’s and Valentine’s in true French style with Raspberry Rum Canele, some perfectly sized Chocolate Madeleines, and Chocolate Raspberry Almond Twice Baked Croissants - with my own Raspberry Jam - for a glorious breakfast (or dessert)!

For the kids, or the young at heart, there’s Double Chocolate Banana Bread, a chocolatey take on everyone’s favorite bread, Pink Raspberry Sugar Cookies, packed with tart and tangy Raspberry sweetness, and Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies, with just a hint of espresso to keep things interesting. If you like an intensely tangy bite, Double Chocolate Rye Cookies are made just for you!

If you’re feeling fancy, there’s two versions of Vanilla Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake, delicious as is, or extra romantic topped with a Raspberry Cream Glaze and Edible Flowers. For the Chocolate purist, a Chocolate Olive Oil Cake with (or without) Dark Chocolate Ganache should fit the bill!

Like to keep it savory? Bay Laurel is one of my favorite herbs and aromatics, and it’s shown off to perfection in the lovely Laurel Bay Pound Cake, made with Laurel Bay infused Brown Butter, and Laurel Bay Palmiers made with Bay infused sugar are a sweet and savory anytime treat. I love how Bay compliments everything it touches, and know you will too!

Sourcing Ingredients

I love being a part of my local food community, and am committed to sourcing as many ingredients as locally as possible - from local farms and my very own organic backyard garden. Here’s where I’m getting the goods in February - I’ve included links so you can check them out for yourself, and support these fine folks whenever possible! There's also an Ingredient page for you to view how we source our staple ingredients.

Barton Springs Mill - Texas Heritage, Landrace, and Organic Wheat (and other grain) Flours

Profound Foods (Profound Microfarms) - This local DFW food hub is a farmer’s market that delivers! I source many ingredients as well as my weekly groceries from local farmers and food artisans through Profound Foods. This month I’ve sourced edible flowers, sustainable Raspberries, Mill King Milk, and Cedar Ridge Farm Eggs through them!

Cedar Ridge Egg Farm - All the eggs - both Chicken and Duck

Warne Bee Farm - Honey and Beeswax

Mill King Milk - Milk and Cream, low temperature pasteurized, cream top dairy

From my Garden - Edible flower garnishes, such as Pansies, Angelonia, Dianthus, and Snapdragons - grown without chemicals or pesticides.

It’s February, and I’m in love with this menu! Let me know on the ‘gram which bake is your favorite - and support any of the fine local farms or artisan food producers mentioned above!

Stay wild,


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