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January Menu - Grapefruit, Lavender, & Rosemary

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

For me, January is all about remembering the goodness of the past year, creating new opportunities, and moving back into a more “normal” pace of life post holidays - so I chose this menu's star ingredients, Grapefruit, Lavender, and Rosemary, to reflect those feelings. When the unexpectedly sweet and bright citrus of Texas Ruby Red Grapefruits are in season, I gather as many as possible, my way of bringing in some much needed warmth and color to the colder, gray days of January. Their orangey-red color, and sweetly bitter flavor cut right through any dreariness with their promise of summer sun. Lavender gets incorporated into my daily routine, in my favorite Canticle Farms Lavender, Wood, and Honey Goats Milk Lotion, as an essential oil in my diffuser, or steeped with some Earl Grey Tea as a nightcap. Rosemary is an all the time ingredient for me, but it’s savory, warmth is never more welcome than in January!

The Bakes

The state fruit of Texas is front and center in the sweet and sour Pamplemousse cookie - a Grapefruit Snickerdoodle like nothing you’ve tried (unless you’ve been around my kitchen awhile). Grapefruit also elevates the custardy vanilla sweetness of Canelé, even more so when garnished with some zesty Grapefruit Sugar. And it really shines in a variety of quick breads and pound cakes like your new favorite, Grapefruit Pound Cake (destined to replace the better known Lemon Pound), Grapefruit Lavender Loaf - a citrusy bright and florally mellow snacking bread, and finally in a perfect after dinner loaf, a Grapefruit Rosemary Greyhound Cake with a Western Son Grapefruit Vodka Glaze is a boozy bake, layered with flavor, one I enjoy on any cold winter evening. Relaxing fresh Lavender brings lightly floral notes to Lavender Vanilla Palmiers, and a delightfully relaxing scent to the Lavender London Fog Loaf - a nod to my favorite winter beverage - Earl Grey Tea mixed with Lavender and Cream. Rosemary adds a subtle savory note to Rosemary Palmiers, and the Grapefruit Rosemary Poundcake. I hope these bakes bring joy, comfort, and a whole lot of cozy to your January! I’ve also been known to make a batch of Ruby Red Grapefruit Curd and slather it on everything from scones to croissants, or mix it in some greek yogurt. It's fairly simple to make, and freezes wonderfully for months, with ingredients you likely have on hand - get the recipe here -if you’re feeling inspired!

Sourcing Ingredients

As the granddaughter of a farmer, the daughter of a couple of backyard micro-farmers, and a passionate backyard gardener of native plants, I’m committed to sourcing as many ingredients as locally as possible - from local farms and my very own organic backyard garden. Here’s where I’m getting the goods in January - I’ve included links so you can check them out for yourself, and support these fine folks whenever possible!

Barton Springs Mill - Texas Heritage, Landrace, and Organic Wheat (and other grain) Flours

Profound Foods (Profound Microfarms) - This local DFW food hub is a farmer’s market that delivers! I source many ingredients as well as my weekly groceries from local farmers and food artisans through Profound Foods. This month I’ve sourced Fresh Lavender and Mixworthy’s Citrus Lavender Mixer (it’s lovely)!

Cedar Ridge Egg Farm - All the eggs - both Chicken and Duck

Crockett Farms - Texas Ruby Red Grapefruits (sometimes Texas Grapefruits are available locally at Whole Foods, Market Street, and Central Market - labeled Local or Texas Grown)

Warne Bee Farm - Honey and Beeswax

Mill King Milk - Milk and Cream, low temperature pasteurized, cream top dairy

Western Son Distillery - Grapefruit Vodka from Pilot Point, Texas

From my Garden - Rosemary and edible flower garnishes, such as Pansies, Angelonia, Dianthus, Gomphrena, Lemon Verbena, Agastache, Purslane, Mexican Mint Marigold, and Snapdragons - grown without chemicals or pesticides.

Ingredients that are not local, but the best I could find:

Plugra Premium Butter - The dreamiest butter - from a collective of dairy farmers based in Kansas City, Kansas

Harney and Sons - Organic Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

Bob’s Red Mill - Almond Meal

It’s January, and I’m just getting started! Drop me a line if you make some curd, or support any of the fine local farms or artisan food producers mentioned above!

Stay wild,


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