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March Menu - Lime, Matcha, & All things Irish

Spring is here - well, almost! Shoots of green are coming up in the garden, daffodils, hyacinth, and crocus are ready to bloom and Irish eyes will be smiling soon! I'm inspired by all thing Emerald Isle - and green in general. Lime, Matcha, and some special Irish fare are featured on this month's menu - and I hope you'll be lucky enough to snag some of these bakes before they're gone!

The Bakes

This month I'll be celebrating St/Patrick's Day in a very Irish fashion, with Rum Cask finished Tullamore DEW Whiskey Canelé, baked to crunchy, custartd-y deliciousness. One boozy bake just wasn't enough, so I made an Irish Cream Pound Cake with Five Farms Irish Cream and a robust Artisan Sourdough loaf made with Guinness Stout Beer, Spelt, and Barton Springs Mill's Rouge de Bordeaux Flours.

If you're feeling a little less boozy, I have the perfect daily bread - a classic Irish Soda Bread that's extra delightful toasted and spread with Kerry Gold Butter. There's also some extra lucky Rainbow Sprinkle Vanilla Pound Cake - complete with actual rainbow sprinkles and a dusting of edible gold glitter!

Need something a little different? Matcha Swirl Pound Cake brings a festive green twirl and a bright, green tea flavor twist to a classic snacking cake. And don't miss out on the triple flavor stacked, dairy free, Saffron, Lime, Cardamom Olive Oil Loaf with Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil. Delicate Saffron is perfectly at home with a little citrus and warm cardamom.

Sourcing Ingredients

I love being a part of my local food community, and am committed to sourcing as many ingredients as locally as possible - from local farms and producers. This month there's a few Irish imported ingredients, but we think they're worth it! Here’s where I’m getting the goods in March - I’ve included links so you can check them out for yourself, and support these fine folks whenever possible! There's also an Ingredient page for you to view how we source our staple ingredients.

Barton Springs Mill - Texas Heritage, Landrace, and Organic & Sustainable Wheat Flours

Profound Foods (Profound Microfarms) - This local DFW food hub is a farmer’s market that delivers! I source many ingredients as well as my weekly groceries from local farmers and food artisans through Profound Foods. This month I’ve sourced edible flowers, sustainable Raspberries, Mill King Milk, and Cedar Ridge Farm Eggs through them!

Cedar Ridge Egg Farm - All the eggs - both Chicken and Duck

Warne Bee Farm - Honey and Beeswax

Mill King Milk - Milk and Cream, low temperature pasteurized, cream top dairy

Matcha Love - Organic Culinary Grade Matcha Powder

Five Farms Irish Cream - Small Batch Irish Cream made from a co-op of five small scale Irish dairy farms.

It’s February, and I’m in love with this menu! Let me know on the ‘gram which bake is your favorite - and support any of the fine local farms or artisan food producers mentioned above!

Stay wild,


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