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Einkorn + Rouge WW

Einkorn + Rouge WW

The whole grain goodness of Barton Springs Mill Einkorn and Rouge de Bordeaux Whole Wheat flours make a naturally leavened loaf that has a rustic crust and tender crumb. Einkorn is an ancient grain (also known as Farro) and it's higher protein content is much easier to digest than commercial wheat! Added to the above ingredients are our Barton Springs Mill fed Sourdough Starter, Sea Salt, and filtered water. This loaf stays soft for days due to the lower gluten content of Einkorn, and it's a staple in our kitchen!


    Contains Wheat.


    Wheat & Wild bakes are made with all natural ingredients and without preservatives.  Best enjoyed within 24 hours. 


    Nationwide Shipping Available - please contact us for pricing quote.

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