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Honey Oat + Spelt

Honey Oat + Spelt

Bob's Red Mill Organic Whole Oats get toasted in Browned Plugra Butter and a touch of Caramalized Local Honey for a soft and tender loaf that's sure to be a crowd pleaser!  Barton Springs Rouge de Bordeaux and Ancient, Whole Grain Oberkulmer Spelt give this loaf a mildly sweet, buttery and nutty flavor with hints of baking spices - and the pan loaf makes for easy slicing for toast or sandwiches.  A current favorite of our bakers - this is one whole grain loaf that packs a flavor punch! 


    Contains Wheat, Butter and Honey.


    Wheat and Wild products are made with all natural ingredients and without preservatives.  Best consumed within 24 hours. 


    Nationwide Shipping Available - please contact us for a shipping quote. 

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