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The update we didn't want to give

This is the update we didn't want to give -

but here it is.


Due to changing personal circumstances,

we are unable to continue baking for the market

for the foreseeable future.


To say we are heartbroken is an understatement.


We have loved communing with each and every one of you - every Saturday at the market, on social media, over email and letters.


We have loved being a part of yours and your families lives - everyday dinners, lunches

and special celebrations.


We have appreciated your support-

physical, mental, emotional & spiritual -

more than we can say.


FYI - We're not going anywhere.

You can still catch us and our other

bakes and breads at our full time gig.


And we'll be giving regular updates

on our insta and via our blog -

read our latest HERE.


Changing circumstances aside,

we're still going to bake with our

favorite Barton Springs Mill wheats,

and we're still going to keep doing

wild pastry things.


This isn't good bye,

just an

until we meet again.


with much love -


Liz & Erick

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