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Presenting Wheat & Wild!

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Local Baker launches Wheat & Wild - a lifestyle, bakery & food photography brand!

Local baker Liz Wheatley Bliss founded her first bakery and retail brand, Pamplemousse Market & Bakery, in September 2020 with her colleague turned partner. They offered a variety of French pastries and Texas themed bakes, as well as culinary classes, and a retail line of pantry staples. Pamplemousse quickly gained fans of both sides of the business. In December of 2020, and now with an additional partner, they soon realized their grand vision was not going to be able to fully function under the Pamplemousse Market and Bakery brand, and they seized the opportunity to pivot their business and rebrand to First Bite Bakeshop. First Bite Bakeshop, focused on American style bakes, added custom cupcakes and dessert boxes to their already thriving bakery and culinary class operations. 2021 brought revenue growth through many custom orders, farmers markets and pop ups, a wholesale operation, space in a commercial kitchen, and community connections, all of which Baker Bliss is grateful for.

Creating Wheat & Wild

The decision to exit First Bite Bakeshop and create Wheat & Wild allowed Baker Bliss to fully realize her vision of what a food based brand and bakeshop could be. Wheat & Wild now offers a limited selection of pastries and bakes made with carefully considered ingredients, chosen with intention and integrity, and focuses on seasonal, botanical flavors and edible floral garnishes. Additionally, Wheat & Wild offers food photography packages and tutorials, geared specifically for small food based businesses and brands. The Wheat & Wild brand, with it's inclusive approach to baking, the local food community, and food photography, is a one stop shop for all things local and food.

When asked about her experiences with her previous brands, Baker Bliss had this to say: I’m thrilled to have experienced the success of Pamplemousse and First Bite Bakeshop. The opportunity to take the learnings from the brands, make the changes necessary to further those successes and expand my offerings is very exciting. I am grateful to have had two insightful and committed partners who challenged me and fostered growth, both personally and professionally.

Wheat & Wild is an ambitious, multi-faceted, culinary based business, offering a place for everyone who loves local food, baked goods, photography, and plants - founded, owned, and operated by Liz Wheatley Bliss. Launching in early 2022 with botanical bakes, made with ethical, sustainable, local ingredients, everyone can enjoy something wildly delicious. Whether you are sharing your bakes, enjoying a photography tutorial, or elevating your brand with a photography session, Wheat & Wild guarantees a deliciously interactive experience. Baker Bliss will continue to be flexible and adapt to the needs of her customers, providing bakes made with premium, local ingredients, fun and informative tutorials, and high quality, professional photographs.

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